Stirling Squadrons and their bases

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7 Squadron      code:  MG
MkI from August 1940 to September 1943
MkIII from March 1943 to September 1943
Bases: Leeming to Oakington  29-10-1940
           Newmarket (det.) March 1941 to April 1941
           Bourn (Sat.) June 1941 to July 1941
15 Squadron      code:  LS and DJ
MkI from March 1941 to August 1943
MkIII from Dec 1943 to Dec 1943
Bases: Wyton
                     Alconbury (sat.)
           Warboys (sat.)
           to Bourn 13-8-1942
                     to Mildenhall 14-4-1943
46 Squadron      code:  XK
MkIV from Nov 1945 to Jan 1946
MkV from Jan 1945 to April 1946
Bases: Stoney Cross        
51 Squadron      code:  TB
MkIV from Nov 1945 to Jan 1946
MkV from Jun 1945 to March 1946
Bases: Leconfield
           to Stradishall 21-8-1945     
75 Squadron      code:  AA and JN
MkI from Oct 1942 to August 1943
MkIII from Feb 1943 to April 1944
Bases: Mildenhall
                     Oakington (det.) 15-10-1942 to Dec 1942
           to Newmarket 1-11-1942
           to Mepal 28-8-1943
90 Squadron      code:  WP and XY
MkI from Nov 1942 to Nov 1943
MkIII from Feb 1943 to Jun 1944
Bases: Bottesford
           to Ridgewell 29-12-1942
           to West Wickham 31-5-1943
                     renamed Wratting Common on 21-8-1943
           to Tuddenham 13-10-1943
115 Squadron      code:  KO
MkI from Nov 1942 to Jan 1943
Bases: Oakington (CF) 8-12-1942 to 31-12-1942
138 Squadron      code:  NF
MkIV from Jun 1944 to March 1945
Bases: Tempsford
148 Squadron      code:  -
MkIV from Nov 1944 to Dec 1944
Bases: Brindisi, Italy
149 Squadron      code:  OJ and TK
MkI from Nov 1941 to Oct 1943
MkIII from Feb 1943 to Sept 1944
Bases: Mildenhall
           to Lakenheath 6-4-1942
                  Tempsford (det.) Jan 1944 to Feb 1944
           to Methwold 15-5-1944
158 Squadron      code:  DK
MkIV from Nov 1945 to Jan 1946
MkV from Jun 1945 to Feb 1946
Bases: Lissett
           to Stradishall 17-8-1945           
161 Squadron      code:  MA
MkIII from Nov 1943 to Dec 1943
MkIV from Sep 1944 to July 1945
Bases: Tempsford
171 Squadron      code:  6Y
MkIII from Sept 1944 to Jan 1945
Bases: North Creake
190 Squadron      code:  L9 and G5
MkIV from Jan 1944 to May 1945
Bases: Leicester East
           to Fairford 27-3-1944
           to Gt. Dunmow 14-10-1944
196 Squadron      code:  ZO and 7T
MkIII from July 1943 to March 1944
MkIV from Feb 1944 to March 1946
          MkV from Jan 1946 to March 1946
Bases: Witchford
           to Leicester East 18-11-1943
           to Tarrant Rushton 7-1-1944
           to Keevil 14-3-1944
           to Wethersfield 9-10-1944
           to Shepherds Grove 26-1-1945
199 Squadron      code:  EX
MkIII from July 1943 to March 1945
Bases: Lakenheath
           Tempsford (det.) Jan 1944
           to North Creake 1-5-1944
214 Squadron      code:  BU and PX
MkI from April 1942 to Dec 1943
MkIII from Feb 1943 to Jan 1944
Bases: Stradishall
           to Chedburgh 1-10-1942
           Tempsford (det.) Sept 1943 to Jan 1944
           to Downham Market 10-12-1943
218 Squadron      code:  HA
MkI from Dec 1941 to Nov 1943
MkIII from Feb 1943 to August 1944
Bases: Marham
           to Downham Market 7-7-1942
           to Woolfox Lodge 7-3-1944
242 Squadron      code:  KY
MkIV from Sept 1945 to Jan 1946
MkV from Feb 1945 to Jan 1946
Bases: Stoney Cross
           to Merryfield 2-12-1945           
295 Squadron      code:  8E and 8Z
MkIV from Jun 1944 to Jan 1946
Bases: Harwell
           to Rivenhall 7-10-1944

299 Squadron      code:  5G and X9
MkIV from Jan 1944 to March 1946
Bases: Stoney Cross
           to Keevil 15-3-1944
           to Wethersfield 9-10-1944
           to Shepherds Grove 25-1-1945
513 Squadron      code:  CS
MkIII from Oct 1943 to Nov 1943
Bases: Witchford
525 Squadron      code:  8P
MkIV from May 1944 to Feb 1945
Bases: Lyneham
570 Squadron      code:  V8 and E7
MkIV from Jun 1944 to Jan 1946
Bases: Harwell
           to Rivenhall 7-10-1944
620 Squadron      code:  QS and D4
MkI from Jun 1943 to Aug 1943
MkIII from Jun 1943 to May 1944
MkIV from Feb 1944 to July 1945
Bases: Chedburgh 
           to Leicester East 23-11-1943
           to Fairford 18-3-1944
           to Gt. Dunmow 17-10-1944
622 Squadron      code:  GI
MkIII from August 1943 to Dec 1943
Bases: Mildenhall
623 Squadron      code:  IC
MkIII from Aug 1943 to Dec 1943
Bases: Downham Market
624 Squadron      code:  -
MkIV from Jun 1944 to September 1944
Bases: Blida, Algeria
7 Conversion Flight      code:  MG
Formed at Oakington in Jan 1942 and merged with other flights to form 1657 CU on 2 October 1942
15 Conversion Flight     code:  LS
Formed at Alconbury 21-1-1942 and moved to Waterbeach on 9 May 1942 to become the "Operational
Flight" attached to 1651 CU. It merged with this unit on 1-10-1942
26 Conversion Flight     
Formed in October 1941 at Waterbeach and with 106 CF, became 1651 CU on 2 January 1942.
101 Conversion Flight     code:  SR
Formed at Oakington in April 1942 and merged with other flights to become 1657 CU on 2 October 1942. 
106 Conversion Flight 
Formed at Waterbeach in December 1941 and merged with 26 CF to become 1651 CU on 2-1-1942. 
149 Conversion Flight     code:  OJ
Established at Mildenhall on 21 January 1942. Merged with other flights to become 1657 CU on 2-10-1942 
214 Conversion Flight     code:  BU
Created on 10 April 1942 at Waterbeach and moved to Stradishall on 4 May 1942. Returned to Waterbeach
on 8 August 1942 and on 16 August was attached to the Operational Flight of 1651 CU.
Merged into 1651 CU on 1 October 1942
218 Conversion Flight     code:  HA
Formed on 28 Feb 1942 at Marham and based at Barton Bendish. Moved to Stradishall on 2-10-1942 to
become part of 1657 CU
1332 Conversion Unit     code:  YY
Formed on 11 August 1944 at Longtown and moved to Nutts Corner on 7-10-1944. Went to Riccall on
25-4-1945 and discarded its Stirlings  in May 1945. Trained crews for 46, 242, 246 and 511 Sqdn
1385 Heavy Transport Support Conversion Unit
Formed from ORTU at Wethersfield on 1-4-1946, when it disposed of its Stirlings.
1427 Training Flight
Formed at Thruxton in December 1941 to train ATA pilots on 4-engined aircraft. Moved to Hullavington on
18-5-1942 and Marham on 4-8-1942 where it was attached to 218 CF. It became a Lodger Unit with 1657 CU
at Stradishall on 2-10-1942 and merged with the CU on 1-4-1943.
1588 Heavy Freight Flight
Formed at Melton Mowbray in September 1945 as "K" Heavy Flight for service in India. The fist Stirling V  arriving in Bombay/Santa Cruz, India, on 10-10-1945. Officially disbanded on 20-5-1946 but it actually ceased to exist in July 1946. 
1589 Heavy Freight Flight
As "J" Heavy Flight was formed at Melton Mowbray on 28-9-1945 and moved its Stirling V's to Cairo West, Egypt on 10-10-1945. The flight disbanded on 30-4-1946. To transport spares and groundcrews to maintain any type of aicraft on trunk routes.
1651 Conversion Unit     code:  BS, QQ and YZ
Was formed 2-1-1942 at Waterbeach from 26 CF and 106 CF. Encompassed 15 CF and 214 CF on 1 October 1942. Went to Wratting Common on 20-11-1943 and on 10-11-1944 to Woolfox Lodge where, in
December 1944, it converted to Lancasters.
1653 Conversion Unit     code:  A3, H4 and M9
Formed 21-11-1943 at Chedburgh and moved on 27-11-1944 to North Luffenham where it converted to
Lancasters immediately.
1654 Conversion Unit     code:  JF and UG
Converted from Halifaxes to Stirlings at Wigsley in December 1943 and then converted to Lancasters in
January 1945.
1657 Conversion Unit     code:  AK and XT
Formed at Stradishall on 2-10-1942 by merging of 7 CF, 101 CF, 149 CF and 218 CF, with 1427 Flight
attached. The Flying Training Flights and Servicing Wing moved to Shepherds Grove on 14-5-1944 and then
rejoined the Ground Training Section at Stradishall on 5-10-1944. The unit disbanded on 15-12-1944.
1660 Conversion Unit     code:  TV
Began its use of Stirlings at Swinderby in November 1943 and converted to Lancasters in February 1945. 
1661 Conversion Unit     code:  GP and KB
Converted to Stirlings in November 1943, when at Winthorpe and had replaced these with Lancasters in
February 1945. 
1665 Conversion Unit     code:  NY and OG
Formed at Waterbeach on 1-5-1943 but with "A" Flight at Waterbeach with 1651 CU, "B" Flight at
Stradishall with 1657 CU and ground crew at Gt. Ashfield. The CU moved to Woolfox Lodge on 5-6-1943,
Tilstock on 23-1-1944, Saltby on 26-3-1945, Marston Moor on 5-8-1945 and Linton-on-Ouse on 7-11-1945. 
Stirlings had been relinquished by April 1946
Aeroplane & Armament Experimental Establishment
Boscombe Down, for various types of trials.
Airborne Forces Experimantal Establishment
Sherburn-in-Elmet, Ringway and Beaulieu. For performance and equipment trials.
Airborne Forces Tactical Development Unit
Tarrant Rushton and Netheravon, became ATTDU.
4 Aircraft Preparation Unit
Melton Mowbray 31-7-1944, and with 304 FTU, became 12 FU on 9-10-1944. 
Air Transport Tactical Development Unit
Netheravon, became TCDU. 
Bombing Development Unit
Gransden Lodge in July 1942, Feltwell on 6-4-1943, Newmarket on 13-9-1943 and back to Feltwell on 25-2-1945. Tested bomber Aircraft and Equipment.
Central Flying School
Central Navigation School
Cranage on 1-8-1942, Shawbury on 11-2-1944, became ECNS on 1-9-1944. 
Empire Air Navigation School
Empire Central Flying School
Empire Central Navigation School
Shawbury, became EANS on 1-11-1944. 
303 Ferry Training Unit
Talbenny, became 11 FU on 8-9-1944.
304 Ferry Training Unit
Melton Mowbray, became 12 FU on 9-11-1944 with 4 APU. 
11 Ferry Unit
12 Ferry Unit
Melton Mowbray. Disbanded on 7-11-1945. 
21 Heavy Glider Conversion Unit
Brize Norton. 
Navigation Training Unit     code:  QF
Gransden Lodge on 10-4-1943, Wyton on 17-6-1943 (with aircraft at Warboys)
2 Overseas Aircraft Delivery Unit
St. Mawgan. 
4 Overseas Aircraft Preparation Unit
Melton Mowbray, became 4 APU on 31-7-1944.
Operational and Refresher Training Unit
Received some Stirlings in February 1945 at Hampsted Norris, Matching on 1-3-1945 and Wethersfield on  15-10-1945. Became 1385 HTSCU on 1-4-1946. Gave flying practice in operational roles for aircrew. Towed 14 Horsas during Operation Varsity
Royal Aircraft Establishment
Farnborough. Used for research and trials
Signals Flying Unit     code:  7N
Transport Command Development Unit
Netheravon and Harwell. 
Telecommunications Flying Unit
Defford. Fitted out Stirlings for radio warfare
Pathfinder Force Navigational Training Unit
Previously Gransden Navigational Training Unit.  Formed 10-4-1943 To Upwood and Warboys June 1943, . To Warboys 5-3-1944


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